My name is Nasi . 200% Tongan . (+many others) . Raised In the Friendly Islands of Tonga . Heavenly Father First . Family Over Everything . I Believe In Culture and Traditions . I Love the Natural Beauty of Things . I Try My Best To Love & Not Hate . Very Friendly Even Tho My Description Suggests Otherwise . lol . beauty depends on who you are . My Life is Blessed . I Love To Laugh . Feel Free To ASK Me Anything that You would Like to Know & I Will ANSWER You to the Best of My Knowledge . I Acknowledge the Ones who Gave Meaning to My Blog . To Me a Blog Says Alot About A Person . Majority of these Pictures or Posts Might Not Be Mine . Credit should Be to Their Creators for Such Magnificent Work . I Hope You Enjoy My Blog as Much as I Love Putting It Together . One Love for Following . Shout Out & Props to My Polynesian Brothers & Sisters Out There .